Frequently Asked Questions

You can get answers to some commonly asked questions by pointing and clicking below, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a specific question or need more information.
We currently conduct physical inventories in-house. Why do we need an inventory counting service?

Allied Inventory can bring value to the inventory process in these ways:

  • Greater accuracy and time savings vs. internal counts
  • More objective than an internal count
  • More productive than an internal count lets your staff focus on the tasks they do best
  • Less disruptive than internal counts, our trained counting staff can work seamlessly around your schedule
How can an outside service be more accurate than our own people?
Because taking inventory is our full time job, we have developed an expertise with the process. Our people are trained extensively in inventory best practices and methodology, so that we can deliver greater accuracy and speed.
How can using an inventory counting service be more cost effective than using our own people?
Doing your own inventory may be more expensive than you think. Lost production time is only one of the hidden costs. Because we bring our own specially trained staff, yours can focus on what they do best. You get greater accuracy while maximizing your resources. That’s value.
What experience does Allied Inventory have in our industry?
We have been business for over 70 years, completing thousands of inventories for many hundreds of clients. Our extensive experience in the manufacturing, warehousing/distribution, automotive and financial sectors has prepared us to handle almost any inventory challenge.
Our people know our inventory and individual parts. How can Allied Inventory do as good a job as our own people?
Because in most industries there is a lot of crossover among parts, chances are our staff is familiar with your inventory. What really speeds up the process and produces accurate results is the methodology that we have developed in over 70 years of experience.
What steps does Allied Inventory take to ensure quality service?
We train our staff, use on-site supervision and follow a methodology that from planning to execution ensures accurate and efficient counts.
How flexible is Allied Inventory in scheduling inventories?
Very. We can be available to start working 24/7. Whenever it is most convenient for you to have us work on your site.
Download our “Essential Inventory Checklist” to see what 70 years of experience has taught us about planning and preparing for an accurate inventory count.

To find out how Allied Inventory can provide an accurate and worry-free inventory solution that will best serve your business, contact us.