Detroit, Michigan Inventory Counting Services

Providing over six decades of inventory services to America’s Automotive Capital
Inventory counting services have a long and important history in Detroit – home of ‘The Big Three’ automotive companies, numerous emerging and computer technology firms, and other notable manufacturers.

Since the 1940s, we have provided accurate and worry-free physical inventory services in Michigan. Allied Inventory and its founder, Leo Dane, helped introduce inventory counting services to the automotive and industrial markets, and the company continues to serve them today with value and excellence.

Bringing the Benefits of Advanced Inventory Counting to Detroit and other Michigan Locales

Allied Inventory provides customized physical inventory services for the region that save both time and money. We provide each of our clients with the assurance that they will have

  • Inventory specialists supported by a trained counting staff that can be at their service in Michigan on a 24/7 basis
  • One or both of our principles actively involved in every step of the process
  • Experts in all phases, from pre-inventory counting services like location audits to post-inventory services such as inventory reconciliation
  • Specialized knowledge for circumstances such as disaster recovery, system migration, or relocation out of or into Detroit and other Michigan areas

We focus on Midwest inventory counting services and have leveraged our unique regional knowledge for companies in many sectors, including: automotive, manufacturing, warehousing, and a variety of others.

In Michigan, allow Allied Inventory to be the vehicle in which you reach accurate, reliable inventory. For more information, contact us.